Private Room and Open Bar Karaoke

Amplitude Karaoke is a contemporary lounge that specializes in private room as well as open bar karaoke. It features a full kitchen and bar to serve the gastronomic needs of our clients, offering an eclectic and innovative Asian fusion menu. The heart of Amplitude Karaoke are 9 private rooms of various sizes to allow our guests sing in the privacy of their own rooms.

Private room karaoke is the staple in most Asian countries, including Japan, Korea, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, just to name a few. Amplitude Karaoke closes the gap between East and West by providing VIP rooms with different languages, with a main stage area for open mic karaoke! To top it all off, Amplitude Karaoke focuses on a fusion menu that no one else in Hampton Roads provides!

Ladies and gentlemen, the bar for new age karaoke and gastronomy has been set and it’s here at Amplitude!

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Asian Fusion

Amplitude Karaoke has a full service kitchen offering Asian Fusion American style. Our main focus is small plates, which brings the emphasis to a group centered experience where everyone can a little of everything. We also have individual entrees to those looking for a fuller meal. Looking for a twist on traditional grilled cheese, wings or fries? At Amplitude Karaoke we take your bar favorites and add an Asian twist you will love, as well as keeping some classics as classics, like yakitori skewers.

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